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Reservations & Site Info

NOTE: There is still ample cabin and feast space available, and we will continue to accept pre-registrations (based on postmark) until October 31.

Please also note: After troll closes for the evening on Friday the 7th, we will leave a list of pre-regs and their cabin assignments at the Troll table. You can look up where you're supposed to go and go there.
For non-pre-regs who want to stay on site, we can direct you to the "holding" cabin until morning.

The event site does not permit tent camping, and the township does not permit sleeping in vehicles, but if you are unable to afford cabin space and would still like to attend the event, let us know and we will try to find you crash space near the site. Please specify the number of crashers, smoking preference and any pet allergies.
If you require handicapped accommodations on-site, we ask that you send us your reservation early so that we may guarantee appropriate arrangements.
The brochure says that the cabins will have bathrooms. Unfortunately, we recently learned that the site did not get the funding they expected, and they never installed them. The good news is, each cluster of three cabins has its own heated bathhouse (with sinks, showers and plenty of flushies!) within a stone's throw. The bunk beds in the cabins have unsheeted mattresses, but you will need to bring pillows, blankets and any additional bedding necessary for your comfort.
The site will be "discreetly damp." Period containers, no kegs, and we request that you pack your empties. Common sense applies, please: becoming drunk and disorderly will be cause for removal from the site.

The campsite has 6 heated cabins that house 20 people each. There are 2 communal heated bathhouses. The site is handicap-accessible; however, if you require handicap-accessible overnight accommodations, you should pre-register early to ensure that we are able to meet your needs. Space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Working animals only are welcome.

Feast will be offered by Maestra Tomasia da Collivento on Saturday, and by Master Hogge de Watlyng (aka Huen of Damebridge) on Sunday evening. The site is discretely damp. NMS, if applicable, will be charged at check-in.

The following fees apply:

Site fee: $21 (includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday)
Cabin space: $64 for 2 nights or $87 for three nights (breakfast included)
Feast: $6.50 per night

Checks should be made payable to "SCA Inc. Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands".


For reservations, please contact:
Maestra Giulietta da Venezia
Diana Slivinska
198 West Prospect Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15205-2129
kwcb-res@andrew.cmu.edu (email strongly preferred!)
(412)928-0187 (no calls after 9:00 p.m. please!)


Please feel free to contact the Event Stewards with any comments, questions or special needs.

Lady Katherine Sinclaire
Cheryl Greenstein
8012 Westmoreland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
kwcb-info@andrew.cmu.edu (email strongly preferred!)
(412)244-1854 (no calls after 9:00 pm, please!)

Dame Margaret Makafee

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